Club Fitness Gym 247 Wanganui


why you should join club fitness 

free parking 

we have plenty of off-street,  safe, accessible and free parking for all of our members and guests.

flexible membership options 

short, long or open term membership options to suit your lifestyle.

- modern equipment 

 we have a huge range of modern fitness equipment that is way to use.

- no time limits 

use what ever piece of cardio equipment you want for as long as you want.

- spacious club  

a huge floorspace that is well laid out with multiple exercise area's making exercise exciting.

- professional staff  

qualified, helpful and friendly staff ready to help and motivate you to achieve your personal fitness goals.

- location 

our central location makes club fitness very easily accessible from any part of wanganui.

- atmosphere 

club fitness has an awesome uplifting atmosphere with great music and several tv screens to keep you energised.

opening hours 

our opening hours are convent and will fit easily into your new lifestyle.

- reward partners 

get discounts from certain retailers by showing your membership card when you purchase.

- experience 

club fitness has operated for 14 + years, our experience means you can trust us with your health and fitness.

- hygiene 

we provide a clean and tidy fitness club with disinfect and paper towels in every area along with regular cleaning from our staff.