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group fitness

 group fitness timetable
10.00 am
 6.00 pm
functional fit

sculpt class

A resistance based timed circuit class that will benefit and improve your cardiovascular system,muscular endurance, weight loss, stamina, increase energy levels and tone/build your muscles/body. This timed circuit consists of 10 stations/exercises that are specifically chosen to work your entire body and give you results fast. Classes will run for approx 45-50 mins, you will need to bring with you a "SWEAT" towel and a bottle to re-hydrate.

functional fit class

A high intensity class designed to bring the heat. Classes are designed for metabolic conditioning to target cardiorespiratory fitness and full body strength. Breaking the mould of traditional group exercise this fun and fast circuit class works on time with a combination of equipment- based moves and body weight training to take your fitness to another level.  All levels of fitness welcome.