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features and services of club fitness

personal training

advanced training

Club Fitness can also offer Personal Training.  If you want to achieve your goals faster and feel you need that extra support and help that a Personal Trainer offers then our fitness team or contract personal trainers can help you. Each trainer specialises in different areas meaning your covered. Personal Training is an extra cost seperate from your membership fee and varies between the individual trainers.

free & machine weight training equipment

weight training equipment

Two separate areas make up this floor. The free weight area hold's all plate loaded equipment, plates, squat racks, dumbbells and free weight benches. 
The machine weight area hold's all our modern pin loaded exercise equipment. 
We have a massive range of resistance training equipment. Resistance weight training is essential for muscle growth and for maintaining muscle tone. Scientific tests have also shown it to be beneficial for weight loss. We provide disinfectant in spray bottles with paper towels in central areas for members to clean any sweat off equipment they have used. Hand sanitizer units are installed all around the bottom floor area. Both area's have been fitted with odour neutralizer spray units.

changing rooms

changing room's and shower's

Our mens and womans changing areas each contain 2 shower's and 2 toilet's. Both area's are cleaned and disinfected twice daily.  We also allocate staff time during the day to check and clean if necessary. They each have odour neutralizer spray unit's fitted. The men have a separate dry changing area for those who don’t wish to shower.


unisex dry sauna

We have a uni-sex dry sauna at the Club. The sauna can be useful to clear your body of toxins and to clear excess water from your body. Our qualified exercise consultants can advise you whether to use it, frequency of use and how long each session should be. Sauna use is included in all memberships.

myPThub fitness training solutions 

online software

You can track your results in one place by uploading progress photos, adding body measurements and updating  weight, from any mobile, tablet or laptop / desktop. We can assign all your workouts and any kind of nutrition plans. PThub then automatically creates your own shopping list based on your nutrition plan. You get total results tracking during your membership There is . 6,500+ exercises to choose from backed up an extensive video library of exercises. We offer you free WIFI so you can access PThub with no worries about data usage.

cardio exercise machines

cardio equipment

We have a wide variety of modern cardio equipment located on the mezzanine floor of the club. We encourage members to base cardio training times on total calories used per workout. This way is far more beneficial because you will have reached your calorie goal after each session. Due to the quantity of cardio equipment Club Fitness operates a no time limit rule. Cardio training is essential for weight reduction and helps to improve your overall health. We have screens playing in front of the main cardio equipment for your viewing pleasure. There are also multi media imputs and screens installed in a few of the machines. We provide disinfectant in spray bottles with paper towels in central areas for members to clean any sweat off any cardio equipment they have use

247 gym access

always open

Club Fitness has two ab training areas. The first area is located in a separate room and has a number of ab training machines, swiss and medicine balls, and matt’s. This is a very private area where you can really focus on getting that six pack. The second area is located upstairs and has mainly swiss balls and matt’s.

group fitness

group fitness classes

coming 2018.

fitness consulting 

fitness testing, exercise program's & nutritional planning

Our exercise consultants will provide you with your current weight, measurements, blood pressure, body fat and fitness level. Personalised exercise and nutrition programs are then provided to members all this is inclusive and at no extra cost. Your fitness consultant writes your program by combining your assessment results and your current goals. You then book suitable times so we can show you through your new program. You can book a nutritional consultation also. Personal Training is available but at a additional cost to your membership payment's.

multiple exercise area's

training areas

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online booking software

online booking